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“Keep up the great work!”- K

“Appreciate the cleanliness + pleasant service.” – Murray

“The meal is always great!” – Janet & Peter

“Very friendly employees” – Tony

“Server very attentive & pleasant. Food was great!” – Korz

“Nice change” – Fiona

“Scallops are crazy pricey but delicious.” – Kay

“Great food, great service, great prices. What’s not to like? :)” – Chris

“I always enjoy my meal when I visit Lindsay from Toronto.” – Grant

“Our favourite fish and chip restaurant! Thanks.” – Rhonda & Pat

“Always a pleasure as usual. We will be back. 🙂 Nice to see such well behaved children as well 🙂 :)”Kim + Jim

“I’ve been coming to Ziggy’s for 6 years now. Never changed. It’s 100% perfect. I also feel so welcomed every time I walk in. Keep up the great work!! :)” – Carissa

“Lovely lunch.” – Martha

“Halibut & chips are excellent! Love the maritime bread! Homemade tartar the best!” – Sue & Mike

“Amazing portions, great prices, solid service, delicious food. 10/10!” – Mitch

“Haggis & bread pudding was perfect!”


“Service was great! We really enjoy your food.” – Nancy & Ed

“Fewer fries! All delicious – especially the fish! Thank-you!” – Anita

“I just moved here and I will definitely be back!!!” – Rachel

“Great food & service.” – Michael!

“Been coming here for years. Food’s dope as f**k yo! Keep that s**t up!”

“Amazing. 10/10” – Ryan

“BEST fish & chips we’ve had since we moved to Peterborough. So glad we found you:) – Natasha and Brenda”

“Halibut & Chips + a few extra fish should be called “The Grand Slam”!” – Matt

“Awesome food, really enjoyed it – Andrew”

“Second time back, still awesome”

“Food was fantastic!! We will be back. Fast, friendly service” – Tanya

“Ziggy’s has become a regular date night location. We love it!” – Tyler & Meghan

“Love coming here!!” – Dave

“Gorgeous fish&chips!” – Daniel Chris

“Delicious halibut and chips!” – Mary

“Superb!” – Mark & Teryy

“Tim is maintaining Doug’s high standard! One of the great reasons to go downtown.” – Roger and Sandra

“We like the friendly staff – the prices are great & the best chips ever! Thanks for being here” – Rhonda and David

“Love the atmosphere and the service in amazing and super friendly. Best fish I’ve ever had :)” – Kathleen

“I live too far and I come back every week! Love the fish batter and the fries” – Cindy

“Love the history lessons! I’ll recommend you to my friends” – Marilyn

“Best burger I’ve had in many moons. The fries are delicious and the service is outstanding!! Thank you :)” – James and Kim

“The coleslaw is fabulous” – Moriel

“Been coming here since I was 6, food has the same great taste as it did back then” – Natasha

“Thanks for being so good to us!! Food is great & service is even better:)”

“Excellent meal + service” – Lloyed and Kim

“Always excellent” – Jon

“I love it here you guys are great” – Jeff

“Enjoyed the traditional British atmosphere + meal. We will be back” – Jodi

“Good food, friendly service” – Ana

“Amazing! love the food.” – Kayla

“First time here and love it! Would definitely recommend to anyone!” – Rob

“Everything is very good! Don’t change your coleslaw” – John

“Wonderful meal thankyou” – Terri

“Your the best!” – Dakota

“Thank you” – Jordan

“The food was good I like it here” – Sheila

“That’s the key, pick one thing and do it really well, and you did!”

“Always a treat to be here Tim – very personal and gracious” – Anne

“Excellent fish and chips! Will definitely be back! Thank you :)” – Stacie and Greg

“Thanks for the to-go box” – Michelle

“Super!” – Barbara

“Just visiting family in town and chose here and glad we did. :)” – Melissa & Scott

“Great meal.” – Mike

“Good meal!” – Bonnie

“Very flavourful – great taste” – Pat

“The whole meal was excellent. Loved the coleslaw” – Ed

“Great meal” – Christelle

“This is the best Fish & Chips I have ever tasted. Cooked to perfection! Every time.”

“Thanks for the fantastic meal! Best fish chips we’ve ever tasted! ” – Sky & Addison

“Love the atmosphere + staff. Thumbs up on the homeade tartar sauce” – Stacey & Steve

“I would recommend to everyone how great the fish & chips are” – Sandra

“You’re great. You’re amazing” – Jessica

“Food is great:)” – Clara Diaz

“Best fish & chips. Been coming here for years. Great people” – Donna

“Really good service & best fish I’ve had” – Ryan

“Every time we are in town we come for your Halibut & Chips lunch. Keep up the great work” – Philip & Joanne

“Amazing!” – Christine

“I am a coach with Lindsay Junior. A. I live in Oshawa – nothing compares. I look forward to my nights eating here – love it! Will be back soon” – Gregory

“Great food + great service!” – Christa

“Your food was amazing as always. Have a fabulous day. Happy 25th anniversary!” – Alicia

“Happy 25 years!” – Hailey

“Amazing fish & Chip!” – Louis

“Always impeccable! 10/10” – Shelby, Eileen, Barb

“All good” – Wendy

“Great restaurant!” – Sheree

“Very good fish and batter. Great chips and coleslaw. Enjoyed the WWII memorabilia” – G.

“Always great!”

“Amazing service and food as usual. Thank you and keep up the good work” – John

“Excellent keep it up.” – Mike

“Delicious, as always!” – Val & Dawn

“Wow! Thank you!” – Cate

“All is perfect!” – Lyn & Aron

“I just keep coming back!” – Matt

“Any time I am in Lindsay and want fish & chips I always come here. My Granddaughter was impressed that is wasn’t greasy ” – Eileen

“All the way from Toronto can’t find food like yours. Love this place :)” – Lindsay & Katlynn

“Thank you!” – Tricia

“Thanks :)” – Jack

“Love your fish :)” – John

“Always great rarely ever greasy. Great taste, restaurant always clean” – Sue

“Keep up the great work! A+ food & service!” – Courtney

“Yum:) The halibut was delicious – very light, not greasy!” – Kim & Dennis

“Awesome Halibut” – Ashley

“Everything was super fresh and perfectly done. One of the best Halibut I’ve had. will highly recommend ” – Tyler

<blockquote”Portion of coleslaw very nice! Like the atmosphere too!” – Pat & Terry

“Food is always amazing. Service is always great, fast & friendly” – Lisa

“Excellent and friendly service, every time food is fabulous” – Mary

“Great meal!”

“Can’t wait to come back!” – Matt

“Great Fish and Chips! Excellent and quick service.” – Ed

“Good food and service” – Marg

“Halibut is delicious!” – Cheryl and Tom

“Clean, friendly, fast. Thank you.” –

“Love the warm and cozy atmosphere & friendly attentive staff:)” – Pam and Paul

“The best Fish&Chips in Lindsay!” – Marlene

“You sir are a god with food” – Zach

“Excellent meal, very nice coffee.” – Elizabeth

“Will be back, thanks:)” – Cole

“For a one man show, you do an amazing job! Keep up the great work. Happy holidays:)” – Stephanie

“Great food, great people.” – Linda

“Keep the heart of Canada beating with the food of our ForeFathers, there is no better place to enjoy true English Fish&Chips than this fine shop. As our country changes for better or for worse, it’s always a great feeling to be in a place like this that reminds you of the foundation of this country. Don’t change a thing. Chews and blessings” – Dave

“SOOOOO good & great service.” – Kayla

“What does a fox say?” – Joseph

“Thanks for a great lunch, you should apply for LLBO” – Justin

“Love the friendliness of the staff. Love the lightness of the batter!” – D. Chester

“Great as usual” – Ken

“Nice people, great service!”


“Great Job.” – Codie

“Clean surrounding. We like everything. We don’t go anywhere else. We like the tea towels as they were part of our past. We remember World War 2. Brings back memories.” – Ed

“Love this place!” – Mitch

“Visit my mom from Brantford and always come here for lunch every time I visit. The Best!” – Janet

“Fish perfectly cooked” – Bill

“The food was very good” – Sheila and Glenn

“Great Coleslaw!” – Mervyn

“Always good food + service” – Sharon

“Thank you! – David and Gail”

“My dad’s favourite restaurant. He enjoyed chatting with the original owner. Maybe they’re chatting it up in heaven as they did at this restaurant. Thanks for the memories:)” – Sandy

“The Best (every time)” – Andre

“Best in town, will always come back here:)” – Josh

“Best poutine in town, will always come back:) Never change what you do” – Christina

“It’s great here, love the food and hard to find mushy peas lol” – Sherry

“You have the best poutine ever!:) Have a great day” – Jessica

“Best food ever” – Katrina

“Great food and it keeps us coming back” – Grant

“Love it!:)” – Julie, Gueen, and Susan

“Always a pleasure eating here” – Rose

“Great food, have a great night. I enjoyed watching the one man show! He ran, and ran!” – Richard

“I loooove your poutine” – Matthew

“Will be back” – Tracy

“Very, very, tasty” – Rick and Shirley

“Great food, love the gravy” – Allison

“Always like coming here, food is always great” – Ian

“Fish is good size for the price happy fishing” – Josh and Mike

“Nice employee, you need cheese curds” – Kayl

“This place has great pub potential! :)” – Kelly and Sarah

“Outstanding! Perfect portioning and absolutely delicious. Thank you!” – Donna

“Awesome food” – Beth

“Yes we would come back” – Terry and Lorna

“Great food and great value! Will be back again :)” – Lisa

“A little piece of England in Canada, the friendliest, cheapest, best tasting fish I have ever had, not just here but anywhere worldwide” – Anonymous

“Great meal, excellent service” – Bob and Marg

“Yummy in MY Tummy – bake brownies please :)” – Laura

“We live in Coldwater but if we come back to Lindsay we certainly would come back” – Anonymous

“I have to talk myself out of coming everyday I love it so much” – Angela-Rose

“A little piece of England in Canada, the friendliest, cheapest, best tasting fish I have ever had, not just here but anywhere worldwide” – Anonymous

“It’s cute in here :)” – Emma

“Excellent fish & chips” – Ida

“Very kind and generous amounts, great salad great guy” – Jane

“Very nice, cute place” – Julie and Colin

“You Rock.” – Liz

“Always good here” – Sherry

“Delicious! – Norma and Anna

“Very friendly – we always stop in when we’re in town” – Sid

“Very good food thank you.” – Alicia

“Awesome food! – Linda and John

“Great price, great portions, great food.” – Mitch

“Fantastic fish, we always come back and your service is always so attentive and friendly! Keep doing what you’re doing!” – Amadea & Daniel

“Best Fish & Chips in town” – Bill and Sandy

“My wife waits all winter to come to Ziggy’s” – J.A.

“Love the atmosphere, & food was excellent!” – Elaine

“So f**cking good!” – Colin

“Best fish and chips I’ve ever had. I’ll be back” – Matthew

“Very friendly, neat, and good food.” – Sheila

“Recommended by young girl at Target. Will definitely come back” – Anonymous

“Great service we were coming in late and the great guy stayed open :)” – Barry

“Fresh & hot plus love your coleslaw!” – James

Hot chips – great!” – Antoinette

“Would be great if you had a clam or seafood chowder! Love the aviation decor!” – Walter and Sandra

“Always enjoy all aspects of our dinner here” – George

“Always a delight, very friendly” – Fran Pancer

“Not from around here, but I’m definitely coming back” – Anonymous

“Very good cook, nice personality” – Sharon and Megan

“Best fish & chips in the Kawarthas” – Maureen

“Amazing food” – Kayla

“Excellent food” – Mike

“Awesome” – Jeff

“Best” – Jaymee

“Fresh and tasty:) just the way we like it!” – Nicole, Monica, Bill, and Jessica

“I eat here regularly” – Tasha

“Great combination of food, friendly service, enjoyable experience. Thanks.” – Steve

“Excellent food/service. Thanks, will return some day” – Rosemarie

“The best fish & chips in the country, and we live in Victoria BC. So that says a lot!” – Lisa and John

“Wish you were in Barrie would be a regular. Still worth the trip here” – Gail

“Good job” – Sam

“We drive in all the way from Scarborough” – Rhonda

“The food portion was very tasty and ample in size. Great!” – Frank

“It is always delicious, very tender, always clean, very friendly, cook very fast” – Heather

“Best poutine” – Brandon

“Butter tarts are awesome” – Jackie

“They are very friendly, easy supper for me!” – Kathy and Glen

“Wonderful lunch! Great value & hospitality. Worth the drive from Toronto!” – Paul

“Family friendly, enjoyable atmosphere and is open to new ideas” – Dave